Master Nenad Omerovic

Master Nenad Omerovic was born in 1981 in Zagreb, Croatia. He started TaeKwonDo in 1993. At the age of 13 in Berlin, Germany he earned his first degree black belt in 1999 under GrandMaster Kwon Jae Hwa . His dream was always to be a TaeKwonDo master. Master Nenad has martial arts experience of over 30 years . He moved to USA in 2006 to open Traditional TaeKwonDo do Black Belt Center.

Now he has 5 locations all over the Tampa Bay Area . In 2012 he was announced as the Hall of Fame for outstanding Traditional leadership. In 2017 Master Nenad tested for his 4th degree black belt under GrandMaster Kwon Jae Hwa. Master Nenad is also a devoted husband and a father of 4. The whole family is in the martial arts industry. Master Nenad loves real estate that’s his second specialty.

Master Nenad and his team loves to help and build leaders everyday and to help them inside and outside of the TaeKwonDo school.