It is IMPORTANT to us that YOUR children STAY SAFE, is it IMPORTANT to YOU?

Every year there are about 3,000 to 5,000 non family abductions reported! Let’s not forget, those are just the ones reported.

We know that your children are your most important asset and it can be a constant challenge to keep them safe in today’s world. Teaching your child to stay away from strangers is often easier said than done. Not only is it difficult for most kids to identify what a stranger really is but they are also living in a world where different people may be responsible for them at different times. This makes it very difficult on them and can easily lead them into a bad situation.

We find it far more effective to build your child’s confidence and teach them the appropriate response to dangerous situations. First we start with identifying what classifies a “stranger.” Just this step alone can be critical in keep your child SAFE.

Is your child abduction SAFE? We will help you get them there!

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